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East & West High School
East & West High School, Bela has been the most cherished endeavour of East & West Educational ....
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In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment...
Important Activities
Students Activity at East & West High School, Bela

East  & West High School, Bela has been the most cherished endeavour of East & West Educational Society, Patna. Brought here from an urban setting in the year 2000, in recent years the school has developed into a centre of educational and social activities in the area. While children from about sixty neighbouring villages come to the school, one of the  projects of the Society, called Maitree, covers every child in 18 adjoining villages for quality elementary education.

A large number of youth volunteers and womenfolk organized into self help groups are the workforce for the multilayered intervention being attempted here. Efforts are on to add income-generating activities and primary health care for every household.
East & West High School is the base and nodal agency for quality universal education and other local interventions. The School has the following facilities and resources:

  • Green campus of about 4 acres.
  • Strong Academic Support Group including university teachers & reputed academicians of the state
  • Strong linkage with the local Community
  • Cultural Activities as part of Curriculum
  • Educational Tours
  • A unit of National Cadet Corps
  • Facilities for various Games & Sports
  • Facilities for Computer Education
  • Well-equipped laboratory & a rich library
  • Bus Facility
  • Impressive set of teachers
A Scene From East & West High School, Bela


The School in deed provides a Unique Educational Opportunity for the Young Gyanam astha cha is the motto of the School. Helping young minds acquire intellectual abilities and developing basic competence in them, the institution emphasizes the values that they inculcate, the faith that the develop in their own self. To enable a child to grow into a healthy, capable and good individual is an aim East & West seeks to fulfill in respect of each of its students. The School has created and seeks to enrich a proper learning environment conducive to achievement of its goals.


  Village – Bela (Neora)
Khagaul – Bihta Road,
Patna – 801113
e-mail: eastandwesths@rediffmail.com
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