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Environment Education
In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment...
Prativesh's activity at Patna

East & West Centre for Environment Education

In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment education with the support of the Ministry of HRD.
Named Prativesh it developed into a Centre for Environment Education, which in 2002 was conferred the status of Nodal Agency for environment education by the Ministry of HRD for the four eastern states of Bihar, Jharkhand, W. Bengal and Orissa. The scheme Environmental Orientation to School Education run by the Ministry has since been transferred to NCERT, Delhi.

Prativesh as Nodal Agency :

  • Works in partnership with grass root NGOs, Schools and the government on environment education
  • helps NGOs in capacity building , provide consultancy, monitoring and training support
  • has developed a network of NGOs working in the field of environment education
  • works as a resource agency and information centre for environment education in the four states namely Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa  and Bengal
  • undertakes research and promotes debates on curricular strategies in relation to environment education
  • works for quality improvement in school education, particularly in the context of Sarva Shiksha Abhiya
Prativesh experience in environment education includes :
Research and Analysis:
  • Survey on Status of Primary Education in Bihar (Undivided)
  • Survey and Report on Status of Environment Education in the state of Bihar
  • Analysis of school textbooks on environment education
  • Preparation of a series of textbooks called Aros-Paros
  • Preparation of a Curriculum Framework for environment education Green Curriculum,
  • Prepared Bihar Curriculum Famework as with SCERT, Patna
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