Imtiaz Ahmad

(18 November, 1953)
A senior member of East and West Educational Society, and currently the Director of the prestigious Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna, Imtiaz Ahmad also comes from teaching fraternity of Patna University. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Patna University, with specialization in medieval Indian History. Apart from an excellent proficiency in English and Hindi he knows well other languages like Urdu, Arabic, and Persian.

He is a member of several bodies like Indian History Congress; Bihar Research Society Mohammedan Education Committee, Patna; Academic Community, Muslim High School, Patna; Academic Committee, Ayub Urdu Girls High School, Patna; Aligarh Muslim University Secretary, Oriental College, Patna

His major Publications include Mughal Governors of Bihar under Akbar (2003); Concepts of India: Expanding Horizons in early Medieval Arabic and Persian Writings in India (2005) Ahmad is nationally renowned as a brilliant scholar, prominent historian and prolific writer. As a liberal educator and scholar, he is well-respected by conservative Islamic religious teachers and leaders, by liberal Muslims in the region and by academics regardless of religious affiliation.

Dr Ahmad taught at several colleges in Patna as well at the Aligarh Muslim University over a 25-year period. Ahmad has held major academic and administrative positions in important associations and institutions, such as the Indian History Congress, Association for the Study of History and Archaeology, Bihar Research Society, Bihar Itihas Parishad, Bihar Urdu Academy, Nalanda Open University, Project Committee on Distance Education in Bihar, Project Committee of Maulana Mazharul Haque Arabic and Persian University, Curriculum Development Committee on Medieval India, University Grants Commission, Syllabus Committee on History, Syllabus Committee for Post Graduate Courses, Mohammedan Education Committee, Aligarh Muslim University, East & West Educational Society, etc. He is on the educational boards of several Muslim educational institutions that include schools and institutions of higher and distance learning, and was recently asked to give his recommendations on statewide madrassa education to the state government of Bihar.

Ahmad has authored two books and fifty articles in scholarly journals. He frequently conducts workshops and seminars on subjects related to Islamic philosophy and interacts equally well with all segments of Islamic society.e-mail: