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East & West High School
East & West High School, Bela has been the most cherished endeavour of East & West Educational ....
Environment Education
In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment...
Important Activities

1. Publication of magazines
The Society published two monthly Magazines namely, Gyan Vigyan (an educational magazine) and Jhilmil Jugnu (for children) with the support
of MHRD, Delhi.

2. Reach Project in Delhi
Programmes for universal quality education of children has been taken up by the Society in some localities in south Delhi. With the support of the local community alternative centres are being run along with motivation campaigns for children enrolment.

3. Pilot Project on Civil Society's intervention in Education Planning
The Pilot project Educational planning supported by Commonwealth Education Fund (CEF) just completed analysed the role of the civil society in education planning as envisaged in the SSA Plan. Three blocks in the districts of Patna, Samastipur and Khagaria were taken up, to understand the process in the making of DEEP and SEEP (District and state plans). With completion of the pilot project further deep rooted study, research and analysis as well as interventions for implementation is required in the next phase.

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