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East & West High School
East & West High School, Bela has been the most cherished endeavour of East & West Educational ....
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In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment...
Welcome to Our Organization !

Sri. Nitish kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar & Prof. Vinay kumar Kantha,
Founder of East & West Educational Society at inaugurate Bihar Education Conference-2006

East & West Educational Society epitomizes civil society's intervention for child rights in general and more specifically and specially, universal quality elementary education. It strongly upholds and advocates the values of social justice and equity.

The collective endeavor as a registered Society began in 1987 carrying forward a pre-existing experiment in school education and a very successful pre-examination guidance centre.

The members of the society belong to different professions, from academics, legal profession, bureaucracy, to areas of social and cultural activism.


  • To set up and run institutions for education and research
  • Educational experiments and innovations
  • Grass root work in the field of education and development in the rural and urban areas.
  • Research and experimentation in the field of environment education.
  • Intervening in policy debate and advocacy for socially relevant quality education for all.
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