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Maitree Project
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East & West High School
East & West High School, Bela has been the most cherished endeavour of East & West Educational ....
Environment Education
In 1998, the East & West Educational Society started a programme on environment...
Core strength of EWES
  • Decades of experience in education both in the formal and informal sectors, covering education of children as well as adults. 
  • Combines research and application in several areas of school education, notably in the fields of environment and science. The Society runs its own
        schools both in the urban and rural areas.
  • Extensive work in the field of environmental education, both theoretical and applied.
  • Advocacy for implementation of the Juvenile Justice System, working for the rights of the child to protection, education, development.
  • Publication of materials related to the activities of the society.
  • Strong academic support group including university teachers and  others with a concern for school education.
  • Experience in capacity building of teachers, resource persons working in the field of education
  • Training of representatives from NGOs in project preparation, monitoring, evaluation etc
  • Core Strength of EWES National Conference on Invironment Education at Patna
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